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World's Smallest Police Station

This phone booth-sized municipal building has been a piece of police property for more than half a century. 


This phone booth in Carabelle, Florida is alleged to be the “World’s Smallest Police Station,” and who are we to disagree?

Its history belongs to law enforcement through and through. Built in 1963, it was originally a police phone box before apparently performing so well that it was promoted to a full “station.” The tiny office has earned a fair amount of fame for its oddity, appearing on several television shows including “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”

But of course, that amount of fame comes with extra attention from the locals – and not all of it positive. The location has been vandalized several times throughout the years, from benign pranks such as the phone being regularly removed to more serious issues like gunfire directed at the booth. 

In fact, the booth has met with such misfortune that it’s been replaced entirely more than once. But the original has been preserved by the local Chamber Office, where it sits on display. The new booth is more of a museum than a functioning office, if you can believe it, and it displays a thorough exhibit of its history.

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