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Somerset Bridge

The world's smallest drawbridge. 


At 22 inches wide the Somerset Bridge is said to be the world’s smallest drawbridge. The bridge is just wide enough for the mast of a well-sailed sail boat to pass through, although the ship will have to either have an appointment or wait for a kind passer by to help out by lifting the gate.

Cranked open by hand in the past, the drawbridge is now two cantilevered half-spans, separated by a 18-inch gap connected by a wooden panel that needs to be removed by hand.

The bridge is nearly 400 years old (built 1620) and has been featured on a 2009 series of Bermudian five dollar banknotes. A few nearby buildings share the Somerset name, in homage to the tiny, manpowered bridge.

Know Before You Go

In Sandys parish, connecting Somerset island with the mainland.

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