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Fortress of Faith (Greenback Castle)

Greenback, Tennessee

One man has spent decades faithfully constructing this unique brick and cinderblock castle. 


Found off the beaten path near Knoxville, Tennessee, this handmade castle is the handiwork of a man named Floyd Banks Junior. For the last three decades, he has poured his heart and creativity into this unusual structure. It’s been dubbed the Fortress of Faith, though it’s also known as Greenback Castle.

The elaborate project began as a way to “draw in the ladies,” but Banks now assigns a spiritual significance to the shapes within the plaster. In earlier years, he collected Cherokee artifacts and professionally submitted grandiose concepts regarding buoyancy, gravity, bird migration, and the human sense of direction.

Visiting the Fortress of Faith and speaking with its creator is a chance to enjoy the sensation of a wildly open mind.

Know Before You Go

This is easily one of the oddest of personalized tour experiences. Your visit will be what you allow it to be. Please know that Junior works very hard every day and asks for nothing in return. It might be best to bring the old man a donation or some groceries, as he takes better care of the castle than himself.

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