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Winfield Mounds

West Chicago, Illinois

Burial mounds of prehistoric Native Americans who lived along the DuPage River. 


The Winfield Mounds were crafted by Native Americans who lived along the West Branch of the DuPage River, now West Chicago. The three mounds dome-shaped and set in a triangular pattern. This happens to be the only documented prehistoric burial/effigy site in DuPage County.

Unfortunately, vandals dug up the mounds during the early 20th-century, and years later, research-oriented digs by the University of Chicago and Wheaton College removed all artifacts and permanently damaged the mounds. 

In 1998, volunteers reconstructed three low round mounds to mark the historically significant Winfield Mounds site, while also constructing a trail and interpretive signs to educate visitors.

Know Before You Go

To reach the Winfield Mounds site, take the Illinois Prairie Path near Winfield Road and follow the limestone path until you reach a fork or T in the path. You'll also see a plaque describing the mounds.

Go left about 100 yards to a clearing with a slightly worn wood-chip path, turn right and walk through the meadow. You'll be walking in the meadow for a while but don't worry, it's coming soon! You'll come to another clearing where you'll see another plaque describing the mounds.

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