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Ushiku Daibutsu: The Great Buddha of Ushiku

Ushiku, Japan

The third-tallest statue in the world depicts the "Buddha of Infinite Light," complete with observation deck in his chest. 


This massive, towering visage of Amida Nyorai, known more commonly by his Sanskrit name Amitābha, was the tallest statue in the world for a time. Its reign lasted from when it was finished in 1995 until 2002, when an effigy of Vairocana was completed in Lushan, China. Since then, another statue was completed in Myanmar that is six meters taller, making this Japanese giant the third-tallest statue in the world.

The deity depicted, Amitābha or “Buddha of Infinite Light”, is a celestial buddha, as described in the Mahayana scriptures. In Japan, Amida Nyorai is the central buddha of the Pure Land sect. Amida is known for his good deeds spanning innumerable past-lives. After attaining enlightenment, he allowed himself to be continually reborn to help others—the true sign of a Bodhisattva.

One can take an elevator to an observation room in the chest of the statue, from here the beautiful countryside is in plain view.

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