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Train Track To Nowhere

A narrow ghost town built onto a peninsula behind a Colombian Slum. 


La Boca (the mouth) in Barranquilla, Colombia is the point where the river Magdalena joins the Caribbean Sea. It is located behind a dodgy, shanty town in the Las Flores neighbourhood. La Boca itself is accessed by way of a 3km ride along the narrow peninsula which stretches out from behind Las Flores by riding along the (almost) abandoned train tracks.

The journey along the tracks can be done on foot, by motor bike pillion (one of the locals will take you for 10,000 pesos or less) or by riding the antiquated, mine train (one of the locals will fire it up for 10,000 or so). The ride takes in an eerily abandoned little town slowly falling into ruins. On one side of the trail flows the river and on the other the sea until they gradually merge into one another.

This is one of the most intriguing things to do in Barranquilla and is well worth spending a day and night in Barranquilla to experience.

Know Before You Go

Take a can, motor taxi or ride the bus to Las Flores and head for the river. Ask or "La Boca". The shanty town itself looks uninviting but is perfectly safe during the daytime. The locals are semi-used to visitors so will be very accomodating. This is a very poor area so be sure to take a drink at one of the Tienda's and hire one of the local youths as your driver.

Getting away is quite easy as you can hail a bus or cab from the roadside.

It get's very hot in Barranquilla and there is no shelter here whatsoever. Bring a hat, sunscreen and avoid visiting between 12 - 2pm.

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