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Springfield Doughnut

Springfield, New Zealand

A giant doughnut was given to the small New Zealand town of Springfield to promote "The Simpsons Movie." 


A roadtrip around New Zealand’s South Island promises a feasts for the eyes, with wonders like world-famous fjords, mystical rock formations, and lakes so colorful they look photoshopped scattered from coast to coast. If your travels happen to take you through Springfield, however, you can expect a different sort of treat.

A giant doughnut stands along the road that passes through this tiny town. Coated in a shiny pink glaze and speckled with sprinkles, the doughy delight looks identical to Homer Simpson’s favorite snack. And this quirky roadside attraction is indeed tied to The Simpsons.

American movie studio 20th Century Fox gifted the strange statue’s ill-fated predecessor to the community in 2007 to promote its upcoming premiere of The Simpsons Movie, as the New Zealand town shares a name with the fictional town the iconic cartoons inhabit.

Installing the colossal confection was meant to be a publicity stunt for both the movie and the small town. However, it unfortunately drew the wrong type of attention. In September 2009, an arsonist set the statue ablaze and burned the doughnut to a crisp.

Determined to keep the doughnut legacy alive, the town erected a pink-painted tire in its place. The makeshift monument stood for roughly three years until it was replaced by this concrete version in July of 2012. Metal steps behind the doughnut let people climb up and poke their heads through the hole for photos. Luckily, this newest version is fireproof: it will hopefully remain a positive icon for the town and an unexpected treat for visitors for years to come.

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March 20, 2018

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