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Silly Walks Tunnel

Crouch down, stretch tall, and be sure to flail your legs to pay homage to the Monty Python classic. 


This pedestrian underpass near the Eindhoven Central Train Station in the Netherlands is perfect for walking through—silly walking, that is.

The tunnel walls are lined with images of the Minister of Silly Walks himself, a sight sure to delight any diehard Monty Python fan. The tunnel is a tribute to John Cleese, the star character in the “Ministry of Silly Walks” sketch. Though the Flying Circus episode first aired in 1970, the classic British comedy still maintains its beloved place in popular culture.

Giant pictures of Cleese in various stages of his silly walk fill the Dutch tunnel. The images teach you how to start, step, tread, or gallop and use accessories like a briefcase, umbrella, or hat while passing through. Attempting to mimic his movements—or add your own kicks, wobbles, and turns—makes for an entertainingly silly commute.

Two street artists opened the tunnel in 2016, and Cleese himself visited the city for its opening day. His autograph is on the wall, near an image of him as he appeared in the 1970 sketch.

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