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Oklahoma City Underground

Travel through the hidden underbelly of the city in colorful tunnels filled with art and history exhibits. 


The Underground of Oklahoma City covers over 20 city blocks, filled with art and history exhibits that illustrate the individuality of the state and its residents. There is no one entrance to the Underground, but rather many secret entrances scattered throughout downtown. 

Opened in 1974, it was originally called the ‘Conncourse’ in honor of Jack Conn, an Oklahoma City banker. The series of tunnels stretches for about a mile underground and includes a plethora of stores, shops, and even a post office.

The tunnels are color coded in a variety of neon (pink, lime, orange, yellow, light blue, purple, green, red, and blue), and each color represents a wing, which corresponds to a gallery. There are several glass skyways between buildings without underground connections.

 Many of the secret entrances are in the basements and parking garages of big buildings. The Sheraton Hotel’s basement is one of the more popular and accessible tunnels, but the Banc First Building has access to a larger number of tunnels. Simply take the elevator to the basement. From there, you’ll find an underground cafe, a post office, and a barber shop on your way to a tunnel lined with green fluorescent lights. That tunnel takes you to a yellow tunnel, which leads to an underground Chinese restaurant.

Know Before You Go

The tunnels are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and there are plenty of entrances throughout the city:

Dowell Center Parking, 433 North Harvey Avenue
Dowell Center, 250 North Robinson Avenue
County Office Building, 320 Robert S Kerr Avenue #101
Leadership Square, 211 North Robinson Avenue #400
Sandridge Parking Garage, 320 N Broadway Avenue
101 Park Avenue
Banc First, 101 North Broadway Avenue
Sheraton Hotel, 1 North Broadway Avenue

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