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The Times They Are A-Changin'

This kaleidoscopic mural shows Bob Dylan throughout his transition from young troubadour to Nobel laureate. 


This magnificent mural shows the musical icon Bob Dylan during three stages of his life. Given the ever-evolving nature of his music, the lyrics painted brightly next to his head (which also happen to be the mural’s title) indeed seem apt.

The kaleidoscopic mural is like a short, colorful timeline of Dylan’s musical career. In the first image, the artist is shown as a young troubadour. He’s a bit older in the second picture, and in the third one, he sports what’s now considered his trademark hat.

Some speculate the work also gives a possible nod to the acoustic versus electric guitar controversy, which was a major part of his early career, as his choice to switch instruments led critics to accuse him of abandoning his early fan base. But it’s most likely the split instrument merely indicates the switch in Dylan’s musical interests.

The eye-catching mural is the work of renowned Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra. He and a team of five artists painted the artwork over a five-story building. It certainly isn’t the only trace of Dylan in Minnesota, as the state is exceedingly proud of its native son.

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