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Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Café

Make your reservation to have coffee with some kitties. 


Not every feline fanatic can make it to Cat Island, but if they can make it to Seattle, there is cat-themed coffee and kitty cuddles to be had.

Feline-friendly cafes have been popping up all over Asia, and even Paris has a cat and coffee combo. In Seattle, coffee is king, and there’s only one thing that could improve on a fine Seattle roast, right? That’s right. Seattle’s first cat cafe opened its doors in December 2015. 

First, you must make reservations. The cats can only have 10 visitors at a time, so they maintain their peaceful frame of mind. A calm cat is like purr therapy, while a nervous cat is quite the opposite. Once inside the cafe, you’ll find cat-themed pastries and coffee drinks such as the “catpuccino” and “meowcha’, which are often decorated with a cocoa-dusted paw print or kitty silhouette. 

After buying your coffee, you can finally make your way into the cat lounge and find a table to sit among the assortment of kitties napping and playing in the structure of wooden platforms, catwalks and suspension bridges. Conveniently, if you happen to fall in love with one of the felines, they’re available for adoption, and you can have coffee at home with your new companion every morning, no reservation needed.

There are 10-15 cats lounging in the Meowtropolitan, all of whom are being hosted by the cafe from the Regional Animal Services of King County in hopes of finding them forever homes. 

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Diagonally across the intersection from the flashy Archie McPhee's. Look for their circular wooden sign.

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