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Seattle, Washington

Fremont Troll

A giant Troll lurks under a Seattle bridge overpass. 

An 18-ft. tall troll made of cement clutches an old VW car underneath this Seattle overpass. The car is an actual Volkswagen encased in concrete; it bears a California license plate.

The Troll was constructed in 1990 after winning a Fremont Arts Council competition for designs to improve the freeway underpass that was a dumping ground. He was sculpted by four local artists: Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead.

The troll has had a rough go of it and is often getting spray painted, the last incident involving giving the troll green fingernails, tattoos, fangs, and a green eye.

The paint can’t be easily removed from the troll and to cover it a fresh layer of concrete is added every time, so over time the troll has been growing blobby concrete lumps. While painting it is poor form, climbing on it is encouraged.

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