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Pinetum Blijdenstein

Most complete collection of Gymnosperms in the world. 


Hidden behind a wall which looks like it has been transported straight out of Jim Henson’s “The Labyrinth” lies Pinetum Blijdenstein.

Pinetum Blijdenstein has one of the world’s most complete collections of Gymnosperms – the principal member of this family being the Conifer. The Pinetum Blijdenstein collection forms part of the Dutch National Plant Collection and is important in that it facilitates the preservation of rare species (and therefore biodiversity), while also providing an opportunity to expand, record and spread information about them, both taxonomical knowledge (relating to the species itself) and horticultural knowledge (relating to cultivation and care). The collection contains various species that are threatened with extinction in the wild. Pinetum Blijdenstein is world-famous among experts and is visited by specialists and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Pinetum Blijdenstein is located in an attractive and historical residential suburb of Hilversum. The garden is an ideal place to stroll and admire the trees and plants. Concerts, lectures and exhibitions are regularly held here. Since 2008, both the Pinetum itself and the Warden’s Lodge have been given local historic landmark status.

There is a small terrace next to the visitor’s center which serves coffee and tea. When there is nobody there you can donate some money and make your own.

The garden has a greenhouse, a pond with tortoises and some lovely seats to enjoy the splendor of the conifers.

Because the garden is almost never crowded it is a great place to find peace of mind.

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