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Ovnipuerto Cachi

Cachi, Argentina

A Swiss man built this airstrip for aliens because a UFO captain telepathically told him to. 


Werner Jaisli arrived in Cachi in 2008 with one purpose in mind: to create a landing space for the extraterrestrials with whom he was in telepathic communication. He obtained a field on the outskirts of town and set to work building a beacon that could guide the aliens to Earth.

Supposedly, interplanetary beings contacted Jaisli one night in November 2008. While illuminated by the light of a UFO’s beam, he received a telepathic message from the aircraft’s captain. “If you build it, we will go,” it purportedly said, sounding like a character from an otherworldly version of Field of Dreams.

So build it Jaisli did. As per the aliens’ instructions, he created a cluster of enormous, multi-pointed stars built from piles of rocks. The largest stars are white, but there are some smaller dark brown ones in the mix as well. The site boasts a few other landmarks, like a stack of scorched wood.

From the ground, it’s hard to appreciate how striking the patterns look from the air. But on the other hand, this vantage point lets you get a close look at just how large those rocks are and be amazed that one person built all of this while working at an elevation of more than 7,200 feet. It’s unclear whether the aliens appreciate the landmark, though, as they have yet to be sighted.

Know Before You Go

To get to the Ovnipuerto from Cachi, take the road toward Cachi Adentro. The turn-off to the Ovnipuerto is on the far side of the hamlet of Fuerte Alto. Follow the sign to Cabaña el Fuerte and then keep straight on to the end of the road. There are no signs to it—after all, it's meant to be seen from space and not found by on-the-ground humans —but if you ask about "las estrellas del suizo" ("the Swiss guy's stars"), you'll get pointed in the right direction.

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