Musée d'art Moderne St Just D'Ardeche – Saint-Just-d'Ardèche, France - Atlas Obscura
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The Musée d’art Moderne St Just D’Ardeche is a combination of museum, home, and private collection. Formed in 1980, it is the ever-growing collection of artist and retired winegrower Jean Mathon. As you exit the village, you cannot miss the house with fresco and sculptures on the outside.

Inside you’ll find a large and eclectic collection of artifacts and artwork. Masks, sculptures, and junk from all over the world are mixed together with Mathon’s own works, which include paintings, sculptures, and collages. It is a fascinating and quirky juxtaposition of political, anti-war/nuclear messages with things like eggshells, yogurt pots, and butter wrappers. Every room is filled to the brim.

Some of Mathon’s installations and works can also be spotted in fields on the way to Pierrelatte.


Know Before You Go

The museum is free. Best to check if open on 0033 4 75 98 85 10. 

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