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Momo Spot

Exceptional Nepalese food can be found in a Texas gas station. 


Texas culture depends on driving and commuting. As a result, convenience stores and small rest stops were early fixtures of gas stations, usually serving simple fare such as hot dogs and hamburgers. But as the state experienced steady waves of immigration and store owners got more innovative, the quality of the food improved and diversified.

A few years back, Nikesh Shrestha was looking for a space to sell his Nepalese momos. He was immediately drawn to a Texaco gas station off of a busy highway. Why? It was a cheap space to rent, and there was guaranteed foot traffic. Also, momos—a popular street food in Nepal—are a portable, road trip–friendly dish that Shrestha figured would be a step up from the rotating hot dogs people have come to expect from gas stations. 

Now, Momo Stop is known as one of the best spots for Nepalese food in the area. Shrestha even says that his restaurant has helped the Texaco gas station’s sales, as eager momo-eaters flock to the spot. 

The city of Irving, where Momo Spot is located, is home to a large population of Nepali-Americans. But people come from all over to grab some of the expertly-folded momos, filled with tender, heavily seasoned meat or veggies. For those who want a little more than just momos, there are plenty of other regional offerings—fish curry, chicken lollipops, and fried rice, to name just a few. 

Know Before You Go

This place re-opened! Same location, now a Chevron and called Momo Spot instead of Momo Stop. 

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