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Librería CONARTE

A honeycomb-like structure of interlocking shelves creates a beehive of books. 


An absolute Beehive of a bookstore! This is certainly one way to get stuck into a good book. The hexagonal, lattice structure surrounds you quite literally, like a sweet honeycomb of books.

As you enter, the gradient of colors creates a sense of depth, and the structure’s perspective directs your gaze. Likewise, the ascension of steps invites you in, and a curious-looking semi-circular shape on the back wall is designed to simulate a vanishing point, like the sun going down on the horizon. 

These are all clever tricks of perspective, depth, and color that create an almost immersive space for reading. The arc of hive-like shelves above and the steps of seats below envelop the reader in a cocoon-like structure. This brings a sense of peace and calm that draws the reader into the experience.

And who knows, this beehive of books might even encourage you to read a new book. The books are within quick reach, all around you, waiting to be explored like bees buzzing around a hive searching for sweet nectar. What will be your next literary treasure?

Know Before You Go

Although located in downtown Monterrey's trendy district, Barrio Antiguo, where the streets, are splashed with vibrant colours, the Librería de CONARTE, is a little more hidden away.

Head to the Museo Estatal de Culturas Populares de Nuevo León, a little more towards the fringes of Barrio Antiguo busy artisanal streets. When you enter, the museum's exhibition is the main attraction, and the guards who attend the front desk will most likely assume that's what you came for. Ask for the Librería de CONARTE and they'll point you in the right direction. 

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March 24, 2023

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