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Lagoinha Ruins

Lagoinha, Brazil

A place of enchantment where stories of the past seem to come to life.  


Located in the southern region of Ubatuba, visitors will find the fascinating Ruins of Lagoinha, a historical testament to the former grandeur of the region. Comprised of remnants from the old sugar mill of Fazenda do Bom Retiro and the pillars of the alleged first glass factory in Brazil, these ruins carry a rich history.

Surrounded by preserved Atlantic forest, partially reclaimed by it, the ruins have become a dark and enigmatic place, both due to their location and architecture.

Well-preserved by Ubatuba’s historical heritage, the ruins hold the secrets of another era when its inhabitants lived in seclusion, almost isolated from the rest of the world.

Visitors can still sense an atmosphere of fantasy and enchantment as they explore every corner of the ancient structures. Here, stories of the past seem to come to life, transporting visitors to a time of mystery and magic, especially in the late afternoon when the light dims, making the place even more shadowy.

Constructed mainly from stones, the ruins of Lagoinha stand as a significant representation of rural/coastal architecture from the 19th century, making their location even more enigmatic.

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August 15, 2023

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