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Gosford Glyphs

Kariong, Australia

These glyphs have long been attributed to ancient Egyptians, or maybe they're just a hoax. 


For decades now, locals of the New South Wales Central Coast have debated the authenticity of a series of hieroglyphs carved into a hidden rockface in the Brisbane Water National Park. Many believe they have Egyptian origins. 

Intrepid explorers have scrambled up the tight gap between two sandstone rockfaces, emerging into a narrow passage, to examine the hieroglyphs. The symbols are familiar to anyone with an understanding of ancient Egypt and include an image of Anubis, the name of King Khufu enclosed in the customary cartouche, and many other symbols.

In an area well-known for its abundance of Aboriginal petroglyphs, the set of rather unusual rock carvings were first recorded in the 1970s, and have been the topic of debate ever since. Were they the work, as some believe, of two Egyptian princes shipwrecked on the Australian continent? Or are they simply a decades-long prank? Others think they may have been the work of a creative local living in the area, or reflect the Egyptology craze that swept the world following the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The consensus amongst Egyptologists who have visited and studied the glyphs is that they are a hoax, and one filled with several inconsistencies and errors. However, that hasn’t stopped many local residents from maintaining their belief in their authenticity.

Regardless of who made them, the glyphs hidden deep in the Australia bush are certainly a sight to behold.

Know Before You Go

From Kariong interchange, travel down Woy Woy Rd. until you find a dirt clearing on your left. Park your car here and follow the bush trail. Veer off to the left until you find the big "Grandmother Tree." Navigate through the small passage in the rocks to the site.

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August 19, 2020

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