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Situated on a natural rocky outcrop in rural Victoria, is Fairy Park. This was opened in 1959 by Peter Mayer, a German man who had moved to Australia to start a new life. Inspired by similar attractions in Europe, he made many of the original models by hand, before purchasing this piece of land. Over 60 years later, the Mayer family still owns the park. It makes the claim to be Australia’s first theme park. 

The park is dedicated to the world of fairy tales, myths, and legends, and a walk through the winding paths will remind you of the stories of your childhood. Set into the rock, are castles, fairy houses, and animatronics. Stories range from Cinderella to Goldilocks to Jack and the Beanstock. Many of the displays are unchanged from when the park first opened.

The park is rather dated in parts, and some of the displays appear quite creepy with unnatural movements, odd-looking puppets, and weird music. This is all part of the charm of the place however, and it’s well worth a visit for people who want to relive their younger years. The summit of the park also sits on an extinct volcano and gives amazing views over the surrounding landscape.

Know Before You Go

You pay an entry fee upon approach to the park, which allows you to walk about for the day. There is ample parking inside. There is a food kiosk which sells food that’s not the best, possible better to bring along your own food to eat on the various picnic benches dotted around the site. These is an interesting room giving a history on the park near the summit. It takes around 2 hours to see round the site but you could easily spend longer relaxing.

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July 16, 2021
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