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Pixie Woods

This hidden amusement park is a magical escape for kids and kids-at-heart. 


Hidden in one of the historic neighborhoods of Stockton is a magical forest that is a throwback to memories of childhood—and memories of a town that was once a thriving farm mecca for California.

Pixie Woods has been providing memories to central valley children since 1954—a year before Disneyland was even finished. The park is what can only be described as a super miniscule version of Disneyland mixed with Treasure Island. It features a steamboat ship, a colorful carousel, and a train that jogs around the wooded amusement park.

Pixie Woods once housed a petting zoo and seal tanks like the ones at the more famous SeaWorld. But the city has scaled back the park, and long gone are the flip and dip seals and other live animals.

Today, the rainbow entrance welcomes children to many of the old festivities (sans the live animal attractions) and also a new water dragon that helps kids cool off in the sweltering Stockton summers.

Know Before You Go

Follow your navigation and signs to Louis Park/Pixie Woods. It is in a suburban neighborhood. Other park activities include a boat launch and softball/baseball fields nearby.

See the Stockton Government's website for details about the park's seasonal hours and rates.

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