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Eisenberg Lawn Cross

Eisenberg an der Raab, Austria

Cross mysteriously appeared for 36 years. 


A small village in Burgenland, Austria, Eisenberg an der Raab is the site of a recurring large cross that is said to appear in the grass without physical or chemical influences.

The Virgin Mary appeared in Eisenberg on October 8, 1955, in front of Aloisia Lex - or so the story goes. From 1956 to 1992 at the site where Mary is said to have appeared, the cross appeared periodically. The so-called Lawn Cross of Eisenberg has not appeared since June 16, 1993.

Aloisia Lex discovered the cross on the afternoon of September 6, 1956, when she was walking along the stables toward the media to fetch food for her pigs. She walked through the orchard before stopping in her tracks after seeing that yellow-brown, withered grass in the form of a cross was where a bright green meadow had been only hours before.

It is said that Aloisia Lex asked Jesus Christ for an explanation after the cross appeared on her lawn and received the following inner locution: “God descended once again upon Earth through the cross in the ground to offer His love and mercy to the poor mankind.”

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