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Droagh Motte

Carnfunnock Country Park

Hidden in Carnfunnock Country Park is a lasting testament to the Normans who once settled in the region.  


The Droagh Motte, located in Carnfunnock Country Park, was constructed during the 12th-century by settling Normans as a defense against the native Irish.

The structure consisted of huge earth mounds known as mottes, where defensive watchtower structures were constructed to provide a clear field of vision from all sides of the settlement. The mottes were also surrounded by a ditch that provided more protection and a strategical advantage. Sometimes these mottes contained extensions known as baileys where the watchmen lived and maintained food storage. 

This ancient creation can be found along the upper path of Carnfunnock Country Park, near the entrance to Chaine’s Wood. A climb to the top of the Droagh Motte provides awesome views of the countryside, including the hills of Sallagh Brae and Knockdhu. The site is protected under the Historic Monuments and Archeological Objects Order. 

Know Before You Go

The best way to reach the site is through Carnfunnock Country Park on the coast road, alternatively, you can take a bus to Drains Bay from Larne Town center and walk to Carnfunnock Country Park, which takes about five to 10 minutes.

When you reach Carnfunnock Country Park, take one of the trails to get to the top path and head towards Chaine’s Wood. There are signposts located across the park that will direct you towards the site. You will eventually meet a fence and a house on a corner, take a left down the country lane. Follow this lane until you get to the site located on the right-hand side. 

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