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Daffodil Lane

This rustic, flower-lined pathway once had very little in common with its namesake.  


Ballygalley’s Daffodil Lane has always been known by locals as the path whose name never really made much sense. For years, no daffodils or other wildflowers populated the lane. 

However, in March of 2017, a small group of volunteers known as the Ballygalley Biodiversity Group decided to revitalize the area by planting daffodil bulbs along the path. Thousands of daffodils blossomed along the edges of the lane, adding color and life to the gravel path. 

The group also cut away branches to allow more sunlight to illuminate the path and foster the growth of new plant life. A mix of wildflowers such as Snowdrops and Bluebells were also planted along the lane. A sign along the path acknowledges the group’s hard work and efforts in restoring the lane. The path is an amazing sight in March and April when all the flowers are in full bloom.

Know Before You Go

You can either walk up Millvale to Daffodil Lane, or you can take the back paths of Carnfunnock Country Park and travel through Chaines Wood to get to the top of the lane. 

You can also park at the Ballygally SPAR Retail Car Park and walk to the site as there are no parking facilities at Daffodil Lane. Wear appropriate outdoor clothing as the lane is mostly composed of gravel and dirt. 

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