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Krusevac Fortress

Kruševac, Serbia

The medieval fortress of Prince Lazar of Serbia is now an archaeological park. 


Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic of Serbia founded the city of Krusevac in 1371 as a fortified town. It’s said that the Serbian army assembled in the city in preparation for the Battle of Kosovo in June 1389, against the invading army of the Ottoman Empire.

Today at this site, one can see the ruins of the old city. There is also a statue of Lazar sitting with a sword on his lap. This is a usual posture of Serbian medieval rulers on coins.

Near the statue, one can find the remains of the Donjon tower, through which people entered the city. A short distance away is the Lazarica Church built between 1375-1378 in the Morava architectural style, the beautiful Lazar Gate, and the National Museum of Krusevac.

The premises of the medieval fortress have now been turned into an archaeological park. This place is also called Lazarev Grad or Prince Lazar’s City.

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