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Curwood Castle

Owosso, Michigan

The writing studio of an American adventure author, built in the style of a medieval castle.  


Though Owosso, Michigan contains some of the most luxurious historic homes found throughout the Midwest, one stands out from the rest. Curwood Castle was built in 1923, but the yellow chateau looks straight out of a romantic Norman fairytale.

Author James Oliver had the magnificent castle constructed in his hometown, and selected the flagstones adorning its exterior himself. He penned his action-adventure novels from the highest turret overlooking the Shiawassee River. The wooded surroundings not only served as setting for his stories, but also encouraged his environmental conservation advocacy.

Curwood only lived in his castle for five years before his death in 1927. The building now serves as a museum and the surrounding land as a park. 

Know Before You Go

Open to the public Tuesday-Sunday, 1-5pm. The castle is closed for the month of January. Admission is $5.00 per adult, 8 - 18 years old is $2.00 and under 8 years old is $1.00 per child.

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