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Castel Meur

Plougrescant, France

A small house sits between two huge rocks, with its back to the sea. 


Castel Meur, a small stone cottage in Plougrescant, France, was built in 1861 in a precarious position at the tip of the peninsula. At the time, construction was much less regulated and more riskily undertaken. To protect it from the  frequently violent coastal weather, the house was positioned with its back to the sea and flanked on either side by two giant boulders.

The unusually located cottage became known as the House Between Two Rocks. It has been passed down through the generations and is currently a private home. Its use in tourism campaigns to attract visitors to Plougrescant, specifically one world-famous postcard, became a problem when the house gained fame as a tourist attraction and tourists treated it as though nobody lived in it, some even climbing on it and damaging its roof.

The owner took legal action and won image rights for the house, which can no longer be used in advertising to draw tourists to the region. A stone wall surrounds the property.

Know Before You Go

 This is a private residence, and visitors are not welcomed onto the property.

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