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Cedarcrest Hospital

Newington, Connecticut

An overgrown and abandoned tuberculosis ward resides in the midst of a quaint modern neighborhood. 


Cedarcrest Regional Hospital was a 128-bed state hospital located in Newington. Its doors closed in 2010, and the residents were transferred to other facilities across Connecticut.

Cedarcrest Hospital was founded in 1910 by the State Tuberculosis Commission and named Hartford County Home for the Care and Treatment of Persons Suffering from Tuberculosis. In 1912, it was renamed the Hartford State Sanatorium. From 1924 to 1976, Cedarcrest continued to change names and institutional purposes. In 1976, the facility finally became known as Cedarcrest Regional Hospital and ceased the treatment of chronic diseases, and discontinued its work as a sanatorium. When the doors reopened, Cedarcrest Regional Hospital was a psychiatric facility under the Connecticut Department of Mental Health.

In 2010, all inpatient treatment services were discontinued. Patients were transferred to the Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown or discharged to supervised homes. The hospital continued its outpatient services until mid-2011. All operations ceased in 2012, and in 2018, the land was transferred to the town of Newington.

As of September 2020: Some buildings are being abated and prepared for future reuse

Know Before You Go

There are "No Trespassing" signs, so its best viewed from a safe distance and the campus is easy to drive around. 

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