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Brooksbrae Brick Factory

Hidden deep within New Jersey Pine Barrens is a massive graffiti wonderland. 


In its heyday, the Brooksbrae Brick Company had the ability to produce thousands of bricks a day, however, many doubt the factory ever reached operational status. The owner of the factory, William J. Kelly, died in 1908 before the factory was up to full speed. Due to complications within his will, all of Kelly’s assets were frozen, halting all of the facilities’ operations. 

In 1915, railroad workers from the Central Railroad of New Jersey went on strike near Brooksbrae. To avoid any damages to the factory, a caretaker was assigned to watch over the property. One winter night, the elderly caretaker and his wife lit a fire in the stove to warm up the residence. However, they didn’t check or clean the chimney’s flue causing a massive fire, killing the couple. 

After the issues with Kelley’s will were resolved, the factory was sold. Due to the deaths on the property the factory was left incomplete. The area is now a popular graffiti and art spot. 

Know Before You Go

Getting here can be difficult and cell service is very spotty in the area. The pin drop on the map is approximately a half mile from the location. Coming from Mount Misery Rd, continue past the marked location until you see a roughly 200 foot area of pavement covered in spray paint. The factory is on the left side of the road a few hundred feet into the woods across the train tracks. The path to the factory through the woods is clearly marked with graffiti.

Be wary because people ride ATVs and dirt bikes in the area around the abandoned factory. It is best to visit during the day. 

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