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Batumi McDonald's

Fast food feels like fine dining at this award-winning modern Georgian building. 


The Georgian seaport of Batumi, also called the “Las Vegas of the Black Sea,” is known for its ornate churches and state buildings. But it has fine examples of modern architectural splendor, as well, including a McDonald’s so fanciful that that it might be the only fast food building to have won awards for architectural brilliance.

Designed by architect Giorgi Khmaladze, the futuristic glass structure juts out into the sky, like a spaceship ready for take-off. Its bold edges are softened by a reflective pool streaming along its perimeter. The polyhedronal structure, encased in a cantilevered glass shell, was awarded the Best Commercial Building of 2014 by the architecture website ArchDaily. The familiar golden arches of the McDonald’s logo look diminutive against the backdrop of this towering edifice.  

Apart from the spectacular architecture there’s more to this McDonald’s that first meets the eye. It’s also built right on top of a gas station. But guests dining inside won’t notice anything of the gas pumps right next to them. A sloping garden offers green respite in the dining area, while also serving as the canopy over the gas station. With the space’s pool and lush vegetation, it’s hard to believe you’re in the midst of a busy city, while the experience of chomping down a Big Mac in this McDonald’s makes fast food feel like fine dining.

Know Before You Go

The Batumi McDonald's is located in downtown Batumi, right near the beach and the Batumi Mall.

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