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Alphabetic Tower

Tower with a double-helix spiral, adorned with letters of the Georgian alphabet. 


DNA is the alphabet of humanity. Its structure, information, and interactions form the language through which life grows and develops.

This is the concept behind the Alphabetic Tower in Batumi, Georgia. Already a major tourist attraction for Georgians and Eastern Europeans at large, the harbor town of Batumi wanted to create a landmark that symbolized the journey of the Georgian people, not only in terms of modern history but also throughout time as members of the human race.

Thus Alphabetic Tower combines the structural design of DNA, in its familiar double helix pattern, and the language of the Georgia, with each rung on the ladder of the double helix displaying an individual and unique letter in the Georgian alphabet.

Both a work of public art and a memorable addition to the landscape of the tourist town, the design seems to achieve its purpose: giving people to at once marvel at and be proud of, and giving visitors a reason to remember this special place, both as tourists and as part of something larger. It also provides a great view of the city and surrounding areas from the observation deck.

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July 4, 2012

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