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The Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire started in 1998 and has become the largest antique show in Northern California. The first Sunday of every month, vendors come to showcase their collectibles. By Faire rules, all items must be more than 20 years old, and no reproductions are allowed.

The volume truly distinguishes the Alameda Point Faire – over 800 sellers offer their wares. There are many antique rocking horses, vases, World War II-era pottery, as well as clothes and furniture and smaller knick-knacks. And with this much stuff all in the same place, you are bound to find something.

Many visitors, though, come for the view. Alameda Point is situated between the industrial harbor of Oakland with striking views of the city of San Francisco and the hills to the South. The Indonesian and African cuisine also make this a unique antique fair experience.

The Faire attracts antique dealers, as well as laymen, and the hours and costs reflect this difference. Early birds pay the price for the pick of the litter: $15 for entrance between 6am and 7:30. Between 7:30 and 9, the price drops to $10, and after 9, shoppers pay $5 to enter the park.

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