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Naval Air Station Alameda

A decommissioned Naval base now rents itself out for people who want to blow stuff up. 


Once a bustling military air strip with two fully functioning runways, the Naval Air Station in Alameda, California is know known more for its help in busting myths than its help in busting bunkers. 

Given over to the US government in 1936, the airport complex served as a training and auxiliary discipline base during World War II and up through the Cold War. The base continued to be used as a maintenance site until its closing in 1997. Now the sprawling grounds of the empty base are most well known for their inclusion on the television show Mythbusters. The producers of the show tend to use the safely uninhabited base for its more dangerous and destructive experiments. The site is now also marked as a Superfund clean-up site to deal with the various metals that have leaked into the base’s soil as it deteriorates. 

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