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9 Planetariums to Get Lost in the Cosmos

Travel the stars without leaving Earth.

The constellations, planets, and moons that make up the night sky feel far from human reach—because they are. But planetariums bring the wonders of the cosmos closer to Earth. Across the globe, these often domed-shaped theatres can take you on a journey across the cosmos, highlighting how small we are in the vastness of the universe. 

Lucknow, India is home to one of the largest planetariums in Asia. The Indira Gandhi Planetarium is designed in the shape of Saturn, complete with rings. Aside from films on astronomy, the planetarium is also home to a diorama featuring NASA’s Mars Pathfinder mission. Despite not having a dome exterior, the Sri Lanka Planetarium in Colombo, Sri Lanka features 570 seats below and a 4D/Digital full-dome projector. It also happens to be the only planetarium in the country. From a homemade planetarium to one that took its architectural inspiration from the sun, these are some of our favorite planetariums to get lost in the stars.