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11 Unforgettable Historic Train Journeys

Nostalgia awaits. All aboard!

The world of transportation is ever-evolving. Horse-drawn carriages are gone, and today’s automobiles seem to barely require the intervention of human hands. Technology moves fast enough that there’s often little time to appreciate the feats of yesteryear. Take the railroads. Countless engines and miles of track have been abandoned, junked, or forgotten about.

However, a few of these transport systems—amazing feats of engineering and craftsmanship today, as they were when they were made—still exist, as time capsules. Various steam-powered locomotives and turn-of-the-century trains still ply the tracks today, and offer riders astonishing views of nature from historic seats. 

From the luxurious, such as the post–World War II train once used by Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito, to the utilitarian, such a railway that once ferried miners in and out of the Yukon goldfields, here are 11 train rides that will take you straight into the past.