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Khasi Ko Bhutan

Nepal's autumn festival season means crispy, stir-fried intestines for dinner.

As time-consuming as cleaning inside-out entrails can be, Nepalis consider khasi ko bhutan a delicacy worth the effort. Families prepare these crispy, stir-fried goat intestines alongside parts such as liver, tripe, heart, and rakti (congealed blood). After boiling the offal, cooks toss the medley in a kadhai (a wok-like pot originating from the Indian subcontinent) along with mustard oil, onions, red chili powder, and garam masala. The dish can also be made from water buffalo or lamb, but goat is a staple in homes and on restaurant menus.

Diners across the country enjoy khasi ko bhutan as a side, appetizer, and drinking snack, particularly during festivals. Some traditional restaurants just keep the dish on their menu year-round, usually served with chiura or murai (beaten rice or puffed rice). Unsurprisingly, the meaty medley’s peak presence in Nepalese homes occurs during Dashain, a 15-day autumn celebration that honors the goddess Durga with many animal sacrifices.

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