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French-Fried Turkey Breast

In South Range, a decadent take on Thanksgiving dinner is served year-round.

Wisconsin’s supper clubs tend to be known for their steaks and fish fries. But the Dreamland Supper Club is known for another specialty entirely, which might seem more at home at the county fair than a restaurant: french-fried turkey breast.

Combining the heartiness of Thanksgiving dinner with the sweetness of a pancake at Sunday brunch, the meal consists of a piece of turkey breast that’s been dipped in sweet batter and deep-fried. Then, it’s served with drawn butter, tangy cranberries, and a baked potato. While that in itself might be a struggle to finish, Dreamland goes big in the true supper-club manner. Along with your deep-fried turkey, you’ll receive soup, a salad, and a relish tray.

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