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Whole Roasted Camel

Typically reserved for special occasions, the massive meal can be bought for a hefty sum at restaurants in Qatar.

Middle Eastern Gulf countries are known for doing things big. From the colossal feats of engineering to expansive shopping malls to celebratory feasts. Typically reserved for special occasions such as weddings, a meal consisting of an entire roasted camel is served with rice for guests of honor to enjoy. Find yourself in Doha, Qatar, and you might see this massive dish listed on select restaurant menus.

The process of preparing the camel for consumption is quite the undertaking. It’s preferred that the buyer give at least a day’s notice for the prepping and cooking time it takes to construct this substantial feast. The meat is first boiled, then slowly cooked over coals. Those who have had the good fortune to experience this traditional cuisine describe its taste as being incredibly savory and slightly sweet.

If you can’t find yourself on the guest list of a wedding in Dubai, you can still experience this dish without the fuss of a special event. Various Qatari restaurants will cook a whole camel meal for you and your friends if you’re willing to part with the hefty price of 1,500 Qatari Rials or $416.

Where to Try It
  • Located on Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, or "Old Airport Road" as the expats call it, this restaurant will prepare roasted whole camel for 1,500 QR ($416). Call ahead and bring a group of friends. They're open from 7AM to 1AM every day.