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Pumpple Cake

Called the turducken of desserts, this multilayered cake hides two pies inside.

Flying Monkey Bakery refers to their Pumpple cake as the “dessert equivalent of a turducken,” but one slice into the towering treat reveals an even more wild ingredient bonanza. For the unenlightened, a turducken is the potentially foolhardy feat of cooking a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey to make a layered meat mountain of nesting poultry. The Pumpple cake, however, involves cooking a pumpkin pie inside of a chocolate cake, an apple pie inside of a vanilla cake, then stacking the two with a layer of buttercream frosting between. As a final flourish, the tiers receive a buttercream coating and a dusting of confetti-like rainbow jimmies (i.e., sprinkles).

Aside from making sure each layer is up to snuff in terms of taste, the baker needs to make sure the pie and cake cook simultaneously. To achieve this, each pie is first par-baked, which allows them to finish baking while submerged inside their respective in cake batters. The apple pie is also left topless so that the vanilla cake batter can sink into the apple pieces, making a moist fruit-flavored melange. And while this baked behemoth might not be the choice for picky dessert diners, those who simply can’t make up their mind might have found a match made in heaven.

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