Curling isn’t exactly an extreme sport, but some people in Russia might be trying to change that, recently playing a version of the sport with full-size cars.

As reported on RT, the weird game took place on a skating rink in the city of Ekaterinburg. Goal marks were painted on the frozen ice, and the cars were pushed by small teams hoping to bounce their opponents’ cars out of the way. Only one brave team member was made to ride in the little car, hoping to steer as much as possible.

The game was played with a variety of Soviet compact cars from the 1970s called, Okas. For safety, the windows were removed and the engine was also taken out to make the automobile pucks lighter and easier to glide on the ice.

The event’s organizer, an auto insurance dealer, said that he wanted to curl with cars as a way of reminding people about the dangers of reckless driving. The winner of the match walked away with a cool $1,600, which probably didn’t hurt either.