Expand your horizons this Obscura Day: This year’s line up includes some extraordinary - and unusual, to say the least - opportunities to learn something new. Like, for example: the history of a mysterious cryptozoolological beastie from the man who tracked him through the night, or the techniques of human tissue embalming. Where else are you going to find this kind of line up? Nowhere. That’s where.

Dover Demon - Obscura Day 2012

In Portland, Maine, Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman will present the mysterious history of the Dover Demon that terrorized a small town in 1979. The Dover Demon at the International Cryptozoology Museum

Museum of Human Disease - Obscura Day 2012

In Kensington, Australia, the fine people at the Museum of Human Disease will be offering a truly unusual opportunity: A hands-on embalming session, focusing on the techniques of preparing and preserving tissue, led by the Museum’s resident embalmer. Get down and dirty embalming your very own pig heart - Pickled People: An Evening at the Museum of Human Disease

Urban Foraging  - Obscura Day 2012

In New York City, take advantage of the opportunity to polish your post-apocalyptic survival skills with a lesson in urban foraging in the heart of the city. Naturalist  and wild foods expert “Wildman” Steve Brill will point out the weeds and mushrooms that are safe to eat and the ones that best be avoided (or hoarded, for the purposes of dispatching one’s end-times enemies).  Urban Foraging in Central Park


Obscura Day April 28, 2012 - EVERYWHERE