article-imageGerman Shepherd leaping through fire (via State Library Queensland)

This week on Atlas Obscura were are celebrating remarkable stories of remarkable animals. Animal Week will feature tales of the extraordinary fauna that roam our planet. From the tiniest of creatures to giants of the Earth, to even animals that are most likely mythical, we welcome them all to our own week-long bestiary. 

To get you started, check out our places for fascinating fauna and animals already on Atlas Obscura, as well as those related to wildlife sanctuaries and specific creatures such as cats, monkeyswolves, sharks, and sloths.  

We also have a round up of some of our previous articles on animals below. Check the site for new stories each day this week, and keep up on Twitter (#AnimalWeek), Facebook, and Tumblr for even more animal action. 

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25 Animal-Shaped Buildings from Around the World by Allison Meier

San Francisco’s Secret Wildlife by Annetta Black

Pablo Escobar’s Hippos by Allison Meier

A Beastly Blessing: St. Francis Day at Manhattan’s St. John the Divine by Megan Roberts 

Five of the World’s Oldest Organisms by Allison Meier

One-Line Adventures: Encounters with Animals by the Atlas Obscura team

Animal Week is November 18 - 22, 2013 on Atlas Obscura.
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