If you walk far enough down the narrow lane of washers and dryers at Sunshine Laundromat, you’ll start to hear the dings and clicks of a different coin operated machine. A hidden entrance (the doors of a broken washer-dryer unit) at the back of the laundromat reveals a pinball speakeasy.

Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Sunshine Laundromat is the brainchild of the coin-operated machine enthusiast and owner Peter Rose. The walls of the bar are lined with pinball machines that flash with high scores and hum with energy. Patrons of all ages come to play, from the league night regulars to school kids who need step stools to reach buttons.

At a quick glance you might not notice what appears to be the bar’s second theme: dogs. Statues, paintings, photos and even mosaic table tops feature various and varied canines. But the true mascots of Sunshine Laundromat are Rose’s two chocolate labs, who are featured on merchandise and can be seen resting by the folding station (just not in the bar).

Atlas Obscura sat down with Rose to seek answers to some Infrequently Asked Questions about Sunshine Laundromat. Are drunk people better at pinball or laundry? How do you curate your items in your vending machine? What’s the most money you’ve ever held in quarters? To find out these answers and more, watch the video above.

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