An example of an 18th century Qing dynasty coin (Photo: Jean-Michel Moullec/Flickr)

In Seattle, archaeologists working under a bridge have found 2,600 or so artifacts from Seattle history—everything from depression-era shoes and dolls to a Chinese coin that was minted in the 1700s, during the Qing Dynasty, KOMO News reports.

The site, where construction workers were installing a water tank, was once called Finntown. The community was most active during Prohibition and the Great Depression, but the archaeologists have also found artifacts dating back further, like a chisel made from the femur of (most likely) an elk.

Other finds include:

  • eyeglasses
  • a toy fork
  • a 1921 Nippon beer bottle
  • suspenders
  • a Seattle Municipal Railway Token.

The mysterious 18th century Chinese coin, researchers say, was most likely brought by an immigrant: the site’s right by Smith Cove, where ships carrying Asian immigrants landed on the American coast.

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