Late Monday, when everyone in Zach Landis’s home in Anchorage, Alaska, was in bed, a black bear burst through Zach’s window. After a tense beat, the bear climbed back out through the window, allowing Zach the space to let loose a scream.

“He was so close, I could reach out and touch him,” Zach told Alaska Dispatch News.

Zach, 11, then ran upstairs to deliver the news to his parents, telling them that, “There is a bear in my room.”

Police eventually responded, but by the time they arrived, there wasn’t much to do except listen to Zach’s story and think to themselves that he was probably lucky to be alive.

Officials said that they could only recall one other instance of a bear breaking through a home’s glass in Anchorage, though that bear was being chased by a dog.

It’s unknown what prompted this latest bear do it—the Landises think the bear might have seen its shadow in the window and become spooked—but experts said that you shouldn’t worry much about it happening to you.

“Bears don’t—especially black bears don’t—just decide, ‘I’m going to go running full speed into this window and crash through and see what I can find,’” Rick Sinnott, a former state biologist, told the News.

As for Zach, he says he’s fine, though he slept in his parents’ room for a few nights after the bear incident.

“I’m not really worried about it happening again, or anything like that,” he told the News. “I’m going to sleep down there. I don’t want to sleep upstairs.”