(Photo: Lydia/CC BY 2.0)

There are some things in Pokémon and in life that you just have to accept. It’s unfair, of course, but despite your keen ambition, for example, you might never be able to catch ‘em all. You may get very lucky and catch some of them. You may get unlucky and catch only a few. Or you may be living in a country in which Pokémon Go is not available and thus unable to catch any pokémon at all. 

It was this final circumstance in which Sonny Truyen, an Australian, found himself. Truyen lives in Singapore, where Pokémon Go doesn’t (yet) work. He recently became angry that this was the case, and decided to share some of his thoughts on the matter on social media. 

“You can’t fucking catch pokemon,” Truyen wrote over the weekend on Facebook, “in this piece of fucking shit country.” 

He then got a bit more unkind, saying the only reason he was working in the country was because of the lack of “local talent,” and that if he left the country its average IQ would go down, in addition to a few other choice words. 

Truyen worked for a real estate concern, who, after getting wind of his comments, promptly fired him, according to the BBC.

Truyen is presumably now free to return to Australia and play Pokémon Go, or, perhaps, remain in Singapore and attempt to once more be an employed human. No word yet on his choice.