Marijuana activists will not be overlooked at the Democratic National Convention next week, mainly because no one will be able see over one group’s bus-sized joint. As the Philly Voice reports, the massive college-cigarette-shaped balloon will make its convention appearance on Monday at an event sponsored by the weed lobby, DCMJ.

The giant joint has previously made stops at events in New York and Washington DC, but this will be the first time it makes a trip to Philadelphia. According to the Philly Voice, the joint balloon is more or less a horizontal version of one of those dancing balloons found outside of car dealerships and electronics stores that are having a sale. The balloon is propped up by volunteers who usually carry it along its prescribed route like some sort of green god.

For the joint’s Philadelphia journey, it will start at the DCMJ’s Jaywalk To The DNC rally at City Hall in the early afternoon. Then a series of volunteers will hoist the inflatable spliff and march it into the heart of the convention near the Wells Fargo Center, where it will remain for the rest of the convention.

The giant joint is meant both as a celebration of the strides marijuana legislation has taken in the past few years, and also as a reminder that there is still a lot of road ahead before full legalization. No matter how you feel about the issue, you certainly won’t forget that it is on many voters’ minds.