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Longshoreman's Museum

An unusual seafront museum hides behind an unassuming Ventnor giftshop.  


The Longshoreman’s Museum is a hidden gem most visitors haven’t heard of. Celebrating the rich maritime history of the seaside town of Ventnor, the museum is housed in a small gift shop near the waterfront, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into the lives and work of the island’s longshoremen who played a vital role in Ventnor’s development.

Walking through a rather unassuming shop area, you enter the museum to find a treasure trove of exhibits showcasing the tools, equipment, and artifacts used by longshoremen in their daily work. A detailed and vast winding exhibition covers the techniques of fishing, boat-building, and the loading and unloading of cargo that sustained Ventnor’s coastal economy for generations. The museum also displays personal stories of local longshoremen. Original photographs, documents, and oral histories provide insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by these working men, which are fascinating to read.

The Longshoreman’s Museum features a beautiful collection of model ships and information about the Isle of Wight’s naval heritage. The displays bring to life the vessels that once plied the waters around Ventnor, transporting goods and connecting the island to distant shores. Visitors can expect to see photographs and read material on shipwrecks in the region, with lots of visuals and books available for further study.

For anyone going to Ventnor, a trip to the Longshoreman’s Museum is a must-visit, providing a deeper appreciation for the sea-faring traditions that have shaped this charming coastal community. The unassuming Longshoreman’s Museum is easy to miss, but is an incredible feat by the woman who runs it, Sophie Blake, who was born in the very building, which used to serve as her family home.

Know Before You Go

The museum is completely free. It worth giving a donation for the amount of effort put into the exhibitions - you could spend hours in here if you admire naval history and want to fully understand the seafaring history of Ventnor.

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