article-imageHalloween is coming… (photograph by Allison Meier from the March of a Thousand Flaming Skeletons in Oklahoma City) 

Fact is often freakier than fiction, so this October we’re reviving our 31 Days of Halloween feature from its tomb. We are offering a whole month of the most unsettling of horrors, each based on the very real and strange places and stories out in the world. 

Want to get a taste of what unsavory treats are in store? Here’s our 31 Days of Halloween recap from 2011, with ornate ossuaries, Lovecraftian horrors, places supposedly visited by the devil, and an outlandish story of dueling magicians in the moodiest of overgrown cemeteries.

So stop by our Articles each day this month for a new woeful, wondrous, or wickedly macabre tale, all linked with some real locale that you can visit, if you dare. We’ll also be posting and seeking your participation for our 31 Days of Halloween on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Happy haunting!