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Bath, England

Head of Sulis Minerva

The accidental discovery of this gilt bronze head led archaeologists to find the Roman Baths in the city of Bath
Jaipur, India

The Wall of Amer

An ancient wall in the shadows of the Amber Castle.
Cirencester, England

World's Tallest Yew Hedge

Trimmings from the record-setting tree line that surrounds Cirencester Park have been used to manufacture chemotherapy drugs.
Penha de França, India

Ponte de Linhares Causeway

Believed to have been the longest bridge in the world when it was completed in 1634.
Panaji, India

Dharohar: National Museum of Customs & GST

A collection of items seized by the Indian Customs have been kept for display at the Old Customs House in Panaji.
Panaji, India

Casa da Moeda

The erstwhile Portuguese Era mint house of Goa.
Tokyo, Japan

Tamon-ji (Tanuki Temple)

Home to a legend of the supernatural raccoon dog, a rare wooden structure of Edo, and witnesses of the Tokyo bombings.
Panaji, India

Maruti Temple

An iconic temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman resides atop a hill in the heart of Panaji.
Salisbury, England

High Street Gate

This gate served as a small lock-up jail in the 14th century.
Manchester, England

The Great Hall within the Royal Exchange

Once called "the biggest room in the world," this Victorian-era hall is so large that it contains a smaller 1970s heptagonal theatre.
Panaji, India

Statue of Abbe Faria

In the heart of Panaji, a monument to the pioneer of modern hypnotism.
Mumbai, India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

An architectural marvel that combines Gothic architecture with Indian elements.
Bristol, England

Pero's Bridge

This pedestrian footbridge honors Pero Jones, an enslaved African who lived in Bristol.
Belpasso, Italy

Mount Etna

The world's most active stratovolcano is almost always erupting.
Catania, Italy

Elephant Fountain

A mysterious ancient elephant said to possess magic powers is now the symbol of a Sicilian city.
Bristol, England

The Llandoger Trow

A historic, reportedly haunted pub that provided inspiration for several famous adventure novels.
Bath, England

Sally Lunn's

This restaurant's specialty is "a major enigma for food historians."
New Delhi, India

Iron Pillar of Delhi

An ancient iron pillar in Delhi that seems to be rustproof.
New Delhi, India

India Gate Canopy

The mysterious empty cupola behind the monumental arch points to an ancient prophecy of Delhi.
New Delhi, India

Leo Tolstoy Monument, Janpath

A commemoration of the little-known cultural influence that Tolstoy had on India.
Panaji, India


This colorful colonial neighborhood in Panjim is one of the only Latin Quarters in Asia.
Mumbai, India

Army & Navy Building

This 19th-century heritage building once housed a department store that supplied British provisions in the city.
Mumbai, India

Kala Ghoda Statue

A tribute to the area's namesake and King Edward VII.
Mumbai, India

The Lion & Tiger Statues

These animal carvings stand as a representation of India and Britain.